The Hellenic Real Estate Center (ELLIKA), with many years of presence and experience in real estate, undertakes to utilize your property by offering the property management service Ellika bnb to prepare and promote it in Airbnb professional short-term hospitality channels.

We propose an integrated property management proposal in order to upgrade the value of the property and improve the owner’s income.

With the experience of our special associates, we value your property based on the size of the sq.m. , the area in which it is located and the need it may need for upgrading or refurbishing. Then we show it in the best possible way to be a competitive presence in the modern market.

Our team undertakes to capture, register and manage the property on multiple display channels and with the right pricing strategies achieves the maximum possible completeness.

We take care to evaluate the prospective tenants we will host and we are willing and available to provide 24/7 reception and support services for the best reviews and insights.

Cleaning professionals and qualified maintainers are looking for impeccable operation and take off the image of the property before and after each booking.

The Hellenic Real Estate Center provides owners with constant and complete information about their reservations, payments and financial details arising from the management of the property.

• Property management

• Property evaluation

• Property promotion

• Preparation of property

• Professional photo shooting

• Copywriting, property description

• View on our site

• Internet Channel Management (Airbnb, Booking, Home Away)

• Manage requests – evaluate prospective visitors

• Contact with guests 24/7

• Key management

• Guest Concierge 24/7

• Home tour

• Payment management

• Professional cleaning

• Maintenance check

• Extra professional services (transportation, airport pick-up, port, etc.)

• Counseling services (lawyers, accountants, engineers)

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